About Lets Ban Fracking

The Committee to Ban  Fracking in Michigan is a Ballot Question Committee registered with the State of Michigan Bureau of Elections. We are a political campaign, not a non profit organization. We formed in 2012 to start a statewide ballot initiative to prohibit the new type of horizontal fracking and frack wastes in Michigan. Ballot questions are non-partisan.

We believe that only a ban on fracking and frack wastes will protect our health and safety, our precious fresh water, communities, parks, forests, schools, businesses, farms, tourism, wildlife, and environment from the devastating harms of the massive, industrial-scale fracking planned for Michigan and the enormous amount of frack wastes inherently created in the fracking process, including wastes that come here from other states where fracking takes place.

Our 2016 campaign begins in 2015:

We launch our campaign for the 2016 election with signature collecting THIS year starting on May 22, 2015 and through November 11, 2015. 

A legislative initiative now requires 252,523 valid signatures from Michigan voters to qualify. (This is determined by the Secretary of State based on 8% of the number of votes cast for governor in 2014). In 2013 we collected over 70,000 signatures.

Fundraising and recruiting: We are now in a fundraising and recruiting phase to raise funds and bring in new volunteers. Please donate and help us reach our goalContributions to the campaign are not tax-deductible.

Ballot language: We revised the ballot language for the 2016 election. Please see the new language here.

Legislative initiatives: Our ballot campaign is called a legislative ballot initiative, (very different from referendum) also called a “legislative proposal” which would change state statute to ban horizontal fracking and frack wastes. Our proposed law would also remove the language in the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act that favors the special-interests of the oil and gas industry fostering “maximum production” of oil and gas, over the protection of human health and water. Michigan's current policy promoting maximum production of natural gas adds to global warming.

Speakers Bureau: If you would like a representative from our campaign to speak at your event, please contact us.

Campaign finance reports are posted on the Michigan Secretary of State’s website. You may find us by searching for our committee name or committee # 515957-9.


The Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan is led by an all-volunteer team:


Campaign Director:

LuAnne Kozma          luanne AT letsbanfracking DOT org

Steering Committee:

Todd Bazzett, Ferndale

Ellis Boal, Charlevoix

Peggy Case, Honor

LuAnne Kozma, Charlevoix

Diane Weckerle, Royal Oak


LuAnne Kozma


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