We continue our campaign past June 1!

Please join us in collecting signatures, and help get our proposal on the 2018 ballot.

We began collecting signatures May 22, 2015 and collected over 150,000 signatures in six months. At the time, like most ballot initiative campaigns, we assumed the 180-day collecting period was set in stone, but actually it is not. We continued collecting through June 1, 2016, hoping to collect enough signatures to get on the 2016 ballot. Despite a cold winter and spring, we got out there and collected, and our signature tally rose to 207,000 by June 1. This was not enough (252,523 valid signatures are needed to win) to submit to get on the ballot for this November's election. We brought our signatures to Lansing to display for a press conference and to announce that we are continuing the campaign and filing a lawsuit against the state. We will continue to collect signatures throughout the summer, adding to the signatures already gathered, in order to qualify for the 2018 election.

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Our lawsuit regarding the unconstitutionality

of time limits on statutory initiative:

Starting in January, we researched ballot initiative law, and made presentations, gave testimony and wrote letters to the Board of State Canvassers, to the Bureau of Elections and to the House Elections Committee on the unconstitutionality of the "180-day statute" (MCL 168.472a). The constitution actually allows no time limits. A recent proposed change to that law, that might be signed by Gov. Snyder any day, would be equally unconstitutional. There is ample case law to show that any actions by the Legislature to curtail or restrict the right of the people to initiate laws using the statutory initiative process described in Article 2 section 9 are unconstitutional.

Read our complaint and press release.

Note to Circulators: Please use the same petition sheets (even though it refers to the 2016 election on the front). We are not altering or amending the petition. Petition sheets should be sent in regularly every month, with tabs attached, to Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan, P.O. Box 490, Charlevoix, MI 49720. When you sign up to volunteer, you will be given more information about turn-in times and deadlines. 


Join us in this historic fight to ban fracking and frack wastes statewide. With our campaign and lawsuit we are blazing a trail that will uphold the people's constitutionally-guaranteed right to statutory initiative that has been denied Michigan voters for so long. 

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Let's ban fracking and frack wastes statewide by changing the state law. Together, we can fight this polluting, toxic industry from taking over our state. 




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