Can't the initiative process be manipulated by the wealthy and big corporations or even by the state legislators?


Certainly it can, the gas and oil industry will put out a lot of propaganda and false arguments against our campaign. Ignore their lies.

The initiative process is proscribed in our state constitution and state statute.

Many people are confused about initiative and referendum. They are two separate processes. The referenda for the save the wolves campaign and the emergency manager law were referenda, that is, they did not create a new law, they simply allowed voters to veto the laws, erase them, rather than put in new laws.

An initiative like ours is different. Ours contains amended/new language to the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA) Public Act 451 of 1994. No matter what the legislators in Lansing do to write new laws, our proposal language once it gets approved by the voters, becomes the new law of the land, and extinguishes and replaces any language to the contrary. 

Our strength is we are a grassroots campaign. During the voting phase, highly-compensated advertising media take over. Once our ban campaign reaches the Legislature and then the ballot, circulators, signers and voters will be energized by the success. They are positioned to be an army of grassroots organizers to mobilize people to appear at the Capitol, at town meetings, public hearings, citizen and church groups and write letters to editors to argue the case. They will do this face-to-face and effectively, just as they did during the petitioning phase. A movement of such people cannot be co-opted.