How bad are frack wastes?


The horizontal fracking industry has been creating enormous quantities of waste in the form of flowback, brine and produced water. Drill cuttings and drilling muds are trucked to landfills and solidified on frack well sites in shallow pits. Toxic, airborne waste enters the atmosphere where it pollutes the air we breathe and methane leakage hastens global warming. Much of it is radioactive. In Michigan, lethal hydrogen sulfide may be present at frack wells and poses a serious life-and-death risk to anyone nearby. Where to put all this waste has become such a serious problem that the entire nation's water supplies are threatened. Each frack well is used as its own disposal site, since some of the frack-fluid and frack wastes remain in the well. There are already over 1,000 injection wells in Michigan. Many more would be needed to accommodate the horizontal frack industry here and from other states, if we allow Michigan to become a recipient of such wastes. This threatens us and all future generations. The frack waste injection well casings have to last forever, and it's been proven that they do not hold up over time.