I’d like to help raise funds for the campaign. How can I help?


Direct donations are welcome. Please spread the word! However, do not collect checks or funds yourself, you are not authorized to do so. Direct everyone to our website so that all funds go directly to the campaign.

Every donor must be identified by name, address, date of contribution, occupation, employer name and business address. Please see our website for full guidelines. We can accept  donations of cash only if it's $20 or under. Over $20, you'll have to send a check.

Donations can be made securely online using Pay Pal, or checks may be sent to our address using U.S. mail.

Fundraiser events: All fundraiser events are being planned by the Committee to Ban Fracking and must have the approval and guidance of the campaign director. Strict legal guidelines apply. Please contact the campaign director at luanne at letsbanfracking dot org if you would like to help at one of our events or if you have a great idea for a fundraiser.