Who is behind this ballot initiative?


Ordinary citizens have organized to initiate this committee and ballot proposal. The Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan is a "Ballot Question Committee" registered with the Secretary of State Bureau of Elections. We file campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State, which are found on its website. We are not funded by big organizations, grants, or industry. We are a people's movement. We are Michigan voters who see the devastating harms that horizontal fracking will bring to Michigan, and want it banned permanently. We are a volunteer group. The Committee seeks donations and endorsements from individuals, businesses, and community-based groups that would like to publicly support and advocate for the proposal and a YES vote at the ballot box.

We have many supporters! Our list of endorsers may be found on the website under the Endorse menu.

In 2015 we commissioned a poll that showed that a strong majority of Michigan voters are with us on a ban on fracking.

The movement to ban fracking in Michigan is growing.