How can I sign a petition?


You must sign the petition in person, witnessed by one of our circulators. 

You can only sign the petition ONCE. We started collecting on May 22, 2015. If you signed the petition already, thank you, do not sign it again. A duplicate signature, if we do not catch it and remove it, would cancel out your original signature and both will be considered invalid.

You must be a registered Michigan voter to sign the petition.

You can only sign one of the Committee's approved printed petitions.

There is no online version; do not try to download one from, or sign something on the Internet. You can only sign in person, witnessed by one of our circulators.

Find a location where Committee circulators will be gathering signatures. See our Events page for one near you. If none of these is convenient for you, you may contact us and we will mail you one to sign as both signer and circulator.