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We Should Leave

This film will give you a glimpse of what fracking looks like in Michigan. This 13-minute short by Michigander Colin Cederna begins with a conversation with his grandfather about how the gas and oil industry wanted the family property in Kalkaska for gas drilling but he turned them down. Cederna then joins ban fracking activists in Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan at several frack wells and injection wells in northern Michigan during the 2016 Michigan Frack Tour. Features Crawford County resident Gary Cooley who lives near the Beaver Creek frack wells and pipelines, activist attorney Ellis Boal, and CBFM campaign director LuAnne Kozma. Gas industry workers had been alerted to the event and were on site during the activists’ visit. The frack wells are on public state forest land. It ends with an inside look at an injection well in Kalkaska County.

The Radioactive Dirty Secret Hidden by the Oil Industry

Oil and gas extraction generates massive amounts of radioactive waste, disposed of by the industry without regulation, vastly increasing the risk of cancer and other diseases globally. This has been hidden for decades. But the secret is now out. The game is over.

Andrew Nikiforuk on the harms of fracking

Cochrane, Alberta, May 13, 2017